‘The Process’ with David Hunter Jr.

Nathaniel and Danielle Collison try to maintain balance and peace in their relationship despite the uncertainties of Nathaniel’s pursuit of a career as an Actor. The relationship has it’s ups and downs and is strained at times when talking about finances and starting a family but it’s biggest test comes when Nathaniel finally receives the […]


M.P. Snyders at Stand Up NY

M.P. Snyders is a NYC-based comedian and a former journalist, lifeguard, English teacher, and weed dealer. (Emphasis on former. Relax, officer). Born in South Dakota, M.P. has lived all over the world: Denver, Philadelphia, China, Minnesota, The Netherlands, and—most exotically—rural Iowa. It’s a journey that’s yielded a ton of material and a really weird accent. Before turning to […]