New Children’s Book About Applying for Healthcare Accidentally Sweeps Nation

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Famed children’s author Beatrice Willows new picture book HMOs, PPO’s, WTF?!  has quickly become a bestseller, but it doesn’t only have the attention of three-to-eight-year-olds. Adults of all ages are running to the stores in hopes of grabbing a copy before they sell out.

“We’re frantically trying to keep the hordes back,” remarks Stan Williams, the manager at a local Barnes and Noble. “But they keep lining up… there are too many people and we simply don’t have enough copies to go around.”

The picture book’s main character, Tina, is forced to find her own healthcare once she turns 26 and is kicked off her parent’s coverage. Detailed illustrations by Willows depict the confused twenty-something as she tries to figure out what healthcare in America means and what coverage is best for her.

“It’s a real eye opener,” says Mia Johnson, 28, who was lucky to get one of the first copies. “I wish I had learned this in college.”

Debra Murphy, 65, was also taken aback at the lessons she learned flipping through the book, which she initially meant to buy for her five-year-old granddaughter as a birthday present. “This book makes way more sense than what’s on those silly government websites.”

President Donald Trump was also rumored to have scored himself a copy. There’s still no word on whether or not he’s decided to share it with anyone else in the White House.

Willows’ other bestselling children’s books include Sally and the Giant W-2, Charlotte’s WiFi, Your Parents Are Terrible People, and #WhatsThePointOfThis?

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